Yo Maps Drops His Latest Single Named ‘Sometimes’ Ft. Jay Rox.

Yo Maps – Komando

Renowned Zambian artist Yo Maps, also known as Elton Mulenga, has recently released his latest single ‘Sometimes,’ featured in his recently launched album ‘Komando.’ Collaborating with Jay Rox, leader of Headphone Music, Yo Maps showcases their collective musical prowess in this captivating track.

‘Sometimes’ follows Yo Maps’ previous hit, ‘Kalambe,’ and is produced by the talented Stash Beats. This single not only highlights Yo Maps’ musical versatility but also solidifies his position as a top-ranking artist in the Zambian music scene. The collaboration with Jay Rox adds to the appeal, creating a harmonious fusion of their individual talents.

Part of the larger narrative in ‘Komando,’ ‘Sometimes‘ reflects Yo Maps’ commitment to delivering exceptional content to his fans. With infectious beats and poignant lyrics, the single resonates on a deeper emotional level, leaving an indelible mark on the Zambian music landscape and contributing to the ever-evolving sound of contemporary Zambian music.

Audio Yo Maps ft. Jay RoxSometimes Mp3 Download


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