Mirror 7 & Geezy 2126 – Lesa Talala

Mirror 7 & Geezy 2126 – Lesa Talala Mp3 Download

Mirror 7, a Dancehall artist, singer, and music producer from the Copperbelt, teamed up with Geezy 2126, a prominent Zambian hip-hop artist, songwriter, vocalist, and educator based in Lusaka. Geezy 2126 is celebrated for hits like “Pending Bills.”

In “Lesa Talala,” the lyrics vividly portray a narrative where individuals face continuous hopes for their failure in every aspect of life. Despite these negative aspirations, divine intervention consistently ensures their triumph, leaving detractors perplexed.

Produced by Majestic Beats, the song promises an excellent and immersive musical experience from start to finish. Don’t miss out on this captivating tune!


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