Dizmo Ft. Igwe Punchline & Triple M – Neighbour

Dizmo Ft. Igwe Punchline & Triple M – Neighbour

Zambian emerging artist Igwe Punchline, hailing from Lundazi, is excited to unveil his latest energetic and infectious track, titled “Neighbour”. This song features the impressive rap skills of renowned artists Dizmo and Triple M, who delivered exceptional performances.

“Neighbour” promotes love, kindness, and compassion towards our neighbors, emphasizing the importance of treating them with the same care and respect we show to ourselves and our family. It underscores the value of community and encourages creating a harmonious environment by loving and appreciating those around us. Inspired by the principle of “Love your neighbor as yourself,” the song advocates for deeper, more compassionate relationships within our communities.

Experience the uplifting message and dynamic beats of “Neighbour” by Igwe Punchline, Dizmo, and Triple M by downloading and listening to the track here.


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