Chef 187 – Inkama Nkaya Nasho Kunshinshi

Chef 187 – Broke Nolunkumbwa (Full ALBUM)

In a solo venture, Zambian rap maestro Chef 187, affectionately known as Uno, takes the spotlight with the release of the eleventh track, “Inkama Nkaya Nasho Kunshinshi,” from his highly anticipated collaborative project, ‘Broke Nolunkumbwa.’ This individual effort adds a distinctive touch to the evolving narrative of the series, showcasing Chef 187’s unique artistry and lyrical prowess.

As the eleventh chapter in this musical odyssey, “Inkama Nkaya Nasho Kunshinshi” promises to be a testament to Chef 187’s ability to captivate audiences with his solo performances. The title hints at a track that may delve into introspective themes or personal reflections, inviting listeners to connect with the artist on a more intimate level.

With its impending release, “Inkama Nkaya Nasho Kunshinshi” is set to be a compelling addition to the ‘Broke Nolunkumbwa’ series, highlighting Chef 187’s versatility and individuality. Each track in the project contributes a unique perspective, offering fans a diverse and engaging listening experience. Stay tuned for this solo release as Chef 187 continues to leave an indelible mark on the vibrant Zambian music scene.

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