Chef 187 ft. Umusepela Crown & Ruth Ronnie – Too Busy

Chef 187 – Broke Nolunkumbwa (Full ALBUM)

Zambian hip-hop luminary Chef 187, also known as Uno, has teamed up with the exceptionally talented Umusepela Crown and the soulful Ruth Ronnie to present the inaugural track, “Too Busy,” from their highly anticipated collaborative project, ‘Broke Nolunkumbwa.’ This dynamic trio brings their distinctive styles and lyrical prowess to the forefront, creating a musical synergy that is bound to leave a lasting impact on the industry.

“Too Busy” serves as the opening anthem of the ‘Broke Nolunkumbwa’ collection, promising a sonic journey that transcends conventional boundaries. Chef 187, with his alias Uno, adds his signature flair to the track, seamlessly blending with the thought-provoking verses delivered by Umusepela Crown and the soulful vocals of Ruth Ronnie. The fusion of their individual strengths results in a musical tapestry that is both compelling and evocative.

Set to be unleashed soon, “Too Busy” is poised to captivate audiences with its fresh and innovative sound. This collaboration is not merely a meeting of minds; it’s a convergence of artistic visions that promises to redefine the landscape of Zambian hip-hop. As the first installment of ‘Broke Nolunkumbwa,’ the track sets the stage for an exciting musical odyssey that will undoubtedly establish Chef 187, Umusepela Crown, and Ruth Ronnie as a formidable force in the contemporary Zambian music scene. Stay tuned for the release of “Too Busy” and prepare to be immersed in the groundbreaking soundscape crafted by these three remarkable artists.

Audio Chef 187 ft. Umusepela Crown & Ruth Ronnie – Too Busy Mp3 Download


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