Chef 187 ft. Sam Nyambe – Nalamupampamina

Chef 187 – Broke Nolunkumbwa (Full ALBUM)

In an exciting collaboration, Zambian rap icon Chef 187, also known as Uno, has teamed up with the talented Sam Nyambe to unveil the third track, “Nalamupampamina,” from their eagerly anticipated collaborative project, ‘Broke Nolunkumbwa.’ This dynamic pairing brings a fusion of distinct styles and musical prowess, creating a captivating synergy that promises to leave an indelible mark on the music scene.

As the third installment of ‘Broke Nolunkumbwa,’ “Nalamupampamina” is poised to be a groundbreaking addition to the collaborative series. Chef 187’s Uno persona and Sam Nyambe’s unique musicality blend seamlessly in this track, offering listeners an immersive experience into their combined creativity. The title itself, “Nalamupampamina,” hints at a song that is set to deliver a powerful impact, capturing the essence of their collaborative efforts.

Audio Chef 187 ft. Sam Nyambe – Nalamupampamina Mp3 Download


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