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Chef 187 ft. Chuzhe Int. – No Sponsored By

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Zambian rap luminary Chef 187, alias Uno, collaborates with the prolific Chuzhe Int. in the creation of track number #20 from the dynamic album ‘Broke Nolunkumbwa.’ Their collective effort brings forth the latest single, ‘No Sponsored By,’ a compelling addition to the eclectic mix of tracks within the project.

In this collaborative endeavor, Chef 187 and Chuzhe Int. seamlessly blend their distinctive styles, delivering a refreshing and energetic composition that resonates with fans of Zambian hip-hop. ‘No Sponsored By’ not only underscores Chef 187’s versatility as an artist but also showcases the synergy between the two musicians, highlighting their shared commitment to pushing creative boundaries.

As ‘Broke Nolunkumbwa’ continues to unfold, ‘No Sponsored By’ stands as a testament to the album’s overarching theme of musical diversity and collaboration. The track not only enriches the project but also reinforces the dynamic landscape of the Zambian music scene, where artists like Chef 187 and Chuzhe Int. consistently elevate the genre with their innovative contributions.

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